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Amy Young
Singer Songwriter
Original music combines thought
provoking lyrics with a folk/indie
sound that captures listeners
seeking authentic, soulful music.
Writing is simply a response
to my experience and reflects how I
grow in perspective.
Upcoming Gigs

Saturday, March 21, 7pm
  Original Folk-Indie
  Baker Book House
  East Paris, Grand Rapids

Saturday, April 18, 7pm
Saturday, May 2, 7pm
  Jazz at JW Marriott, Mixology Lounge
  Downtown Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts
June 5-7, time TBD
  Original Folk-Indie
  Downtown Grand Rapids

Saturday, August 29 - private event
Available for jazz gigs featuring songs from
the American Songbook. Contact for pricing/booking info.
For music samplings and video visit...